• Incorporation, conversion, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Announcing and attending General Board meetings, Assemblies and Boards of Directors; formalisation and execution of agreements reached at them.
  • Business restructuring operations: mergers, spin-offs and provisions for the branch of activity, purchase and sale of companies, creation of holding companies, purchase and sale of stocks and shares.
  • Support for companies in decision making. Preparation and implementation of business projects, feasibility plans, strategic plans, business organisation, company valuation.

Business succession

  • Legal planning of business succession and execution of preparatory action
  • Drafting of family shareholder agreements


  • Negotiating, drafting and formalising "joint venture" contracts and other forms of business collaboration
  • Negotiating, drafting and formalising property contracts purchase and sale, exchange, leasehold - company, commission, distribution, supply, agency
  • Negotiating, drafting and formalising brand licensing contracts, transfer of copyrights and other industrial and intellectual property rights


  • Financial preparation and legal management of temporary receivership
  • Claiming of bankruptcy creditor debts


  • Legal and out-of-court proceedings against financial institutions for floor clauses or other abusive clauses, preference shares, swaps or other damaging financial products
  • Negotiating bank debt refinancing -loans, mortgages, etc.
  • Advice on the formalisation of contracts with financial institutions -loans, mortgages, payments in kind, etc.-


  • Legal or arbitration proceedings arising from challenges of corporate agreements, responsibility of \ administrators, separation of partners, etc.
  • Legal proceedings arising from unfair competition, industrial or intellectual property rights, contractual or extra-contractual liability, termination of contracts, claims of amounts, etc.
  • Legal proceedings involving the execution of bills of exchange (cheques or promissory notes), of court or arbitrary decisions
  • Mediation in out-of-court agreements and transactions

  • Negotiating of collective bargaining, statutory and business agreements.
  • Contracts of employment, with an impact on special labour relations (senior management, sales representatives, etc.).
  • Individual and collective dismissals.
  • Downsizing Programmes.
  • Advice on claims of all types, with monitoring of processes before corporate jurisdiction and judicial review.
  • Collective disputes (redundancy programmes or suspension of contacts, agreement negotiations, etc.).
  • Social security claims: disabilities, widow's benefits, unemployment, etc.
  • Occupational Risks
  • Interventions regarding Labour Inspections: inspections, processing regarding all administrative and legal rulings opposing breaches and/or liquidation, etc.
  • Preparation of and request for contribution deferral

  • International Expansion of Companies. Negotiations, distribution and exclusive sales contracts, joints ventures, agreements for international cooperation between companies.
  • Establishing of companies in other countries and development of investments.
  • International legal proceedings, international tax planning in terms of both individuals and corporate bodies.
  • Cooperation with international offices.

  • Personalised tax planning
  • Studies regarding the impact of tax on all types of transaction and/or operation with financial repercussions (property, corporate issues, etc.).
  • Study and planning of tax for business structures with private equity.
  • Study, planning of tax for the inheritance of private and business equity
  • Processing of appeals and all types of claims before the tax authorities and economic-administrative and judicial review courts

    Public Liability

    • Road traffic accidents, Medical liability, Professional liability, Pathologies and constructive defects.


    • Sales
    • Exchanges
    • Leaseholds of urban and rural properties

    Inheritance and Family

    • Separations, divorces, non-canonical and canonical marriage annulments, shared care and custody, common law couples, liquidation of marital partnerships, etc.
    • Disqualifications
    • Declarations of heirs, inheritance acceptance, forced share claims, testate claims.

    Civil litigation

    • Ordinary, verbal, small claims proceedings, injunctions, voluntary jurisdiction, etc.
    • Contractual liability action
    • Executive, mortgage, testamentary, rural and urban leasehold proceedings, etc.
    • Property, joint freehold, division of joint ownerships, termination of contracts, claims for amounts, floor clauses or other abusive clauses, preference shares, swaps or other damaging financial products
    • Claiming of unpaid amounts
    • Consumer and user claims


    • Legal or arbitration divisions
    • In rem or personal guarantees -secured, etc.-

  • Advice to the public authorities regarding personnel, contracts, public services and claims.
  • Processing of administrative proceedings, requests for reversal, appeals regarding decisions, acts and provisions of the Public authorities and prior claims
  • Administrative sanctions due to a reach of noise, safety, pollution regulations, etc.
  • Pecuniary Liability. Claims against the public authorities, for damages arising from public service operations.
  • Pecuniary liability due to medical negligence
  • De facto proceedings
  • Compulsory Expropriation
  • Public Contracting
  • Processing of urban planning permits
  • Urban management. Processing of land readjustment and urban planning projects
  • Establishing and management of compensation boards

  • Processing of all types of proceeding regarding crimes against society, against employee rights
  • Advice and defence for road safety offences
  • Advice and defence for employee right offences
  • Advice and defence for offences against family relationships, the violation of care and custody duties, family abandonment, etc.

Business Mediation

Labour-related mediation

Family mediation

Consumer-related mediation

Mortgage execution mediation

Local citizen and community-related mediation

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