Right from the initial contact, we offer our clients a personalised , confidential and continuous service to ensure they feel correctly advised and supported throughout the legal or out-of-court process and obtain the satisfaction and conviction of having been given an excellent service from our firm.

We work on meeting these objectives through:

  • Highly qualified and specialised personnel.
  • Permanent communication among the professionals from the different areas.
  • Weekly team meetings to obtain synergies and analyse results.
  • Continuous external training.
  • Investment in technological resources and in document management systems.

Founded in 2004 as a Professional Office following the merging of the Offices of Ramon Nicolazzi and Joan Xifra, with over 35 and 25 years of experience, respectively, offering our clients a comprehensive, quality service founded on ethics, transparency and responsibility.

Our continued strife for excellence and our permanent, personalised service is our greatest tool in ensuring the utmost client satisfaction, making us a mainstay for all of the business and personal matters of our clients.

Joan Xifra
Ramon Nicolazzi
(Fouding partner)

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